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“Filling the F” is featured

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Our Filling the FUSEE concept was just featured on, one of Behance’s “Served” sites that developed to further showcase the best projects in the Behance Network, within specific industries.

Their editorial team features a small number of projects every day. With many thousands of options, only a few that promote new thinking in the industry are picked.

Creating Typography

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Deciding the name of our agency was very hard for the team but giving it it’s form was harder. The corporate font of Fusee have to be special so instead of using something old school stuff, the team created an unique typography. Every line, every curve, every letter that has been created reflects the spirit of the agency. The soul has already been well made, after this process so does the flesh…


Filling the “F”

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No letters not a single word, there were just dreams at the begining. Everything started with them and everything we create inspired by them.

So we are filling Fusee with our dreams to make it more than an agency, to make Fusee more than a word. Agency is getting alive day by day, letter by letter. F was the beginning and four more letters left to finish the conceptual work but much more to go to make these dreams come true… Read More


Quixotics of Fusee

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Every empty piece of paper in the office is a playground for drawing monsters in the team and they keep sketching and sketching in every single time they can find.One day one of us came with an idea to use this energy to add a comic book to agency kit. Read More